Agency Accreditation

CFAI Accreditation Costs

Registered Agency Status
(Valid up to three years)

The nonrefundable fee is $570 USD for agencies of every type and size. Fees for Registered Agencies that move to Applicant Agency status within one year are applied to the Applicant Agency status fee.

Applicant Agency Status
(Valid for up to 18 months for career agencies and 24 months for agencies that are at least 90 percent volunteer, with option for up to three 12-month extensions)

The nonrefundable fee for Applicant Agencies is based on the population served within the jurisdiction (except approved DoD Fire Departments), using the latest U.S. Census figures documented with the agency's application. This fee must be paid prior to the agency's change of status to applicant agency. Agencies that are unable to complete their self assessment and move to Candidate Status within their orginal application period may elect to pay one-half of their original fee for a 12-month extension, which may be repeated up to three times. This fee for extension is nonrefundable.

Population/Agency Type

Fee (USD)

0 - 9,999


10,000 - 49,999


50,000 - 99,999


100,000 - 199,999


200,000 - 499,999


500,000 - 999,999


Over 1 million


Candidate Agency Status

There is no fee for Candidate Agency status when a department completes the self-assessment, but in this phase of the process the department is responsible for the cost of travel and expenses for the on-site peer assessment team visit and its peer assessor team leader's expenses for traveling to the commission's accreditation hearing. It is recommended that agencies budget approximately $6,000 for the on-site visit and $1,100 - $1,500 for the team leader's travel to the commission meeting.

Accredited Agency Status

The annual maintenance fee for Accredited Agencies is equal to one-fifth of the current Applicant Agency fee.

Note: For approved, Department of Defense agencies, all fees described above are paid through contract with the Navy.