About Fire Sprinkler Accreditation

The Facts

The Fire Sprinkler Initiative of the National Fire Protection Association reports that fires in homes pose one of the biggest threats to people in a community. During the five-year period of 2006-2010, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 371,700 home structure fires per year. About 350,000 of the fires occurred in homes without automatic extinguishing equipment. Residential fires caused 2,380, or 83%, of civilian deaths in 2013.  NFPA estimates there are 12,900 civilian injuries, $7.2 billion in direct property damage, and 25,600 firefighter injuries at the fireground each year.

Those at greatest risk are:

  • Adults over age 65
  • Children under 5 years old
  • Persons with disabilities

The Environmental Impact:  Green house gases released by burning buildings can be reduced by 98% when automatic fire sprinklers are installed.  Automated fire sprinkler systems reduce fire damage by up to 97% and reduce wter usage to fight a home fire by about 90%.


Introducing a New Program

To address the problem of fires in single-family residential structures, CPSE developed the Residential Fire Sprinkler Contractor Accreditation Program (ReFSCAP) in cooperation with the National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA), the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) and the International Code Council (ICC). Accreditation identifies credible policies, procedures, training and business practices to assure homeowners and regulators that single-family, residential systems are installed properly.

From the beginning, the partner organizations sought input from stakeholders and incorporated their recommendations in the program development. The resulting program focuses on satisfying the needs of contractors while providing guidance for those charged with program implementation.

Contractors participating in the program utilize a web-based template self-assessment form that provides a roadmap for completing the required documentation for the Residential Fire Sprinkler Contractor Accreditation Program. The self-assessment consists of "Core Competencies", i.e. mandatory elements that must be completed, with references, and found credible. The balance of the "Performance Indicators" are elements of a stable and reliable company but are not necessarily all required to be met and found credible to attain accreditation. The assessors evaluating submissions expect all Core Competencies to be fully explained and for a significant number of Performance Indicators to be addressed to satisfy the requirements for accreditation.

All documentation (self-assessment and references) are uploaded to a SharePoint site created and maintained by CPSE.

Upon creation of a SharePoint site, a participating company has 180 days to complete the accreditation self-assessment and submit references for all Performance Indicators. Companies may request an extension by contacting the CPSE office and remitting $250 to receive an extension of an additional 180 days.

Call the CPSE office at (866)–866-2324, Ext. 205, or email tmawson@publicsafetyexcellence.org regarding any questions related to the Residential Fire Sprinkler Contractor Accreditation Program.

WHY Should Your Company Be Accredited?

You are among the best.  Prove it.  Participate in the Residential Fire Sprinkler Contractor Accreditation program and prove to your community and to all of your customers that your company is leading edge.  Demonstrate how your company operates at the highest levels of professionalism.  Regulators and customers alike want assurances that residential sprinkler installations are being done by competent, well-run companies who assure the quality of their materials and workmanship.  Accreditation says that your company has successfully completed a rigorous, third-party evaluation of your entire operations.  Become accredited today and join a list of companies with a clear competitive advantage -- they are ReFSCAP Accredited Companies.


Fire Busters, (Delta, B.C.)

Fire Tech Systems Inc.  (Shreveport, LA)

Livingston Fire Protection (Beltsville, MD)

Standard Automatic Fire Enterprises -- SAFE  (College Station, TX)

U.S. Alliance Fire Protection  (Lake Forest, IL)

Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers (Ocoee, FL)


For questions or assistance with Fire Sprinkler Contractor Accreditation, contact Tom Mawson at (703) 691-4620, X205, or email:   sprinkler@publicsafetyexcellence.org