How the Program Works

How the Program Works

CPSE and its partners, the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) and the National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA) invite any fire sprinkler installing contractor or plumbing contractor with expertise in residential fire sprinklers to participate. Registration for the accreditation program is $750. The registration fee is paid in two installments: $250 upon contacting CPSE and $500 to begin the accreditation process. Companies maintain the accreditation in good standing by completing an Annual Compliance Report (ACR) and remitting an annual maintenance fee.

Step 1: Each independently operated location of a company contacts CPSE via email or phone indicating a desire to review the program materials.

Step 2: CPSE staff sends the company an "Intent to Participate" form to complete (download the form here). The form requests company contact info and provides program instructions.

Step 3: The company completes the "Intent to Participate" form and remits $250 by credit card or check in payment.

Step 4: CPSE issues to the company an e-version of the Residential Fire Sprinkler Contractor Accreditation Program manual. The manual explains the program in detail and provides an outline of the self-assessment template that companies will complete. Companies have ten (10) business days to review the manual and decide whether or not to proceed with accreditation.

  1. If the company decides to proceed with the accreditation process within the ten-day period: the company notifies CPSE and remits $500 by credit card payment. CPSE sets up a SharePoint site upon receipt of the remainder of the registration fee. The company has 180 days from the date of creation of the SharePoint site to complete the self-assessment and submit reference documents.
  2. If the company decides not to proceed within the ten-day review period, the company must notify CPSE by email (no phone calls) at CPSE will refund $150 of the registration fee.
  3. If the company does not notify CPSE within the ten-day review period, CPSE retains the $250 registration fee. No refunds are given after the ten-day review period.

Step 5: The company notifies CPSE upon completion of the self-assessment template and uploading of all reference documents.

Step 6: CPSE reviews the submission for completeness and notifies the company of any deficiencies. If all documentation is complete and in order, CPSE notifies the program assessment committee. The committee designates three assessors from the committee to review the submission. Assessors may contact the company for additional details or reference documents.

Step 7: The assessors complete review and award accreditation to companies that satisfactorily meet the program requirements.

Step 8: Accreditation remains in good standing for one year. Companies must submit an Annual Compliance Report (ACR) on the anniversary of the award of accreditation. The ACR updates any changes in company ownership, structure, location, contact information, training delivered during the year, organization memberships, etc. Annual renewal of accreditation is $250.