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Communication & Outreach Manager
Alexandria Pallat
Office: 703-691-4620 ext. 205
Mobile: 240-409-5570

Preet Bassi
Office: 703-691-4620
Mobile: 530-400-5270

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  1. CPSE History
  2. CPSE Fact Sheet
  3. Benefits of Accreditation Fact Sheet
  4. Accreditation Testimonials
  5. Accreditation Infographic
  6. Benefits of Credentialing Fact Sheet
  7. Credential Testimonials
  8. Credentialing Infographic
  9. Technical Advisor Program Fact Sheet
  10. Workshops Fact Sheet
  11. CPSE Leadership
  12. Monthly Newsletters
  13. CPSE Corporate Brochure


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