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Welcome to the CPSE Video Library, where you can watch firsthand testimonials about CPSE programs and services. From insight about what it is like to pursue accreditation to interviews with CFO designees, the CPSE Video Library offers information you will find nowhere else.

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Living With Sprinklers in CA

CA State Fire Marshal Tonya Hoover debunks many myths about residential fire sprinklers and explains their operation.

Excellence Conference Highlights

A montage of events and people during the opening ceremony on March 4 of the 2013 Excellence Conference in Henderson, Nevada.

CPSE's Excellence Conference: Why You Need to Be Here

Interviews with attendees at the 2013 Excellence Conference describing the benefits of attending the conference each year.

Norris Croom Shares His Insight on Professional Credentialing

Norris Croom, CEMSO, and Assistant Chief of the Castle Rock (CO) Fire Department, talks about the benefits of professional credentialing for today’s fire officers.

Chief Brian Crawford of Plano, Texas, Speaks with Mike Thompson (Ret.), Peer Review Team Leader

Chief Brian Crawford of Plano, Texas Fire and Rescue, chats with Mike Thompson (Ret.), Chief of the Spokane Valley Fire Department and Team Leader during Plano’s accreditation team site visit. The two share the challenges that Plano faced in achieving accreditation and the benefits from receiving the recommendations from the peer team that led to accreditation.

The Journey to Excellence

Hear how good fire and rescue agencies become great fire and rescue agencies. Through accreditation and credentialing models developed by the Center for Public Safety Excellence, fire chiefs are taken on a journey within their own departments to discover best practices.

Congressman Moran

Elected officials are the cornerstone of accreditation; their support is essential. Listen to Congressman Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) discuss the value he places on accreditation for his state and the fire service as a whole.

CPSE in a Jar

In this video, you will hear responses to an interesting question: If you could take everything that CPSE is and does for the emergency response community and put it in a jar, what would the label say? Learn all about the many benefits of CPSE from both a personal and agency perspective.

Peer Review

If you are considering the Chief Fire Officer (CFO) or Chief Medical Officer (CFO) Programs and have questions about what the peer review process is really like, listen to this video to learn a bit more about what to expect and why this process will be a great asset to you—both personally and professionally.

Time Involved

Pursuing accreditation is a substantial time investment, but the time is well spent and it may not be as intense as you expect. Watch this video to learn more about the time involved for you and your agency.

Paradigm Shift

It has been said that "accreditation will influence a paradigm shift in the fire service." But like many public service sectors, the fire service is not always quick to adopt change. Fire service accreditation certainly forces positive change and must become the norm, but that means fire chiefs must be flexible and open to new ideas from younger members of their departments. Watch this video and see what fire service professionals have to say about the positive impact of accreditation on their departments.

Fears of Accreditation

Some departments have expressed a fear of accreditation because it may expose their weaknesses. Watch this video to allay these fears by learning about the positive change and process improvements that the accreditation process provides.

City Managers

The involvement and support of city managers and elected officials are very important to the accreditation process, giving the agency the leverage to make necessary process improvements that make their community even safer. Learn about the ideal relationship between city management and fire chiefs for achieving the most successful accreditation process.

Changed Perceptions

After receiving your CFO/CMO, your approach to your role in your department may change. The CFO Program alters ideas and perspectives on everything from the need to leverage new technology to approaches to leadership. Hear from CFOs about how their perceptions changed after completing the professional designation process.

CFO Candidate Program

If you are a line firefighter or officer considering ways to advance your career, watch this video to learn more about the Chief Fire Officer Candidate Program—a new program developed to prepare personnel to pursue the CFO designation.

Advantages of Accreditation

Hear from personnel of other fire agencies that have already pursued agency accreditation about what they believe are the biggest advantages of agency accreditation for their department as a whole, for themselves as individuals, and for their community.