FO Designation Program Overview

An image of CPC Chair Richard Mason presenting a Fire Officer (FO) designation award.

The Fire Officer (FO) Designation is open to all company level officers, junior officers and above who have supervisory responsibilities or those who have served in an intermittent acting status for a minimum of twelve months.




Testimonials -

"I have been a credentialed Fire Officer (FO) for three years now and have been able to excel in my current career path. The FO designation has broadened my ability to develop professionally at my department. I have completed the goals I have set out during my initial credentialing period and seek to further more challenging goals for myself during my next three year period. I have obtained a Bachelors Degree in Fire Science Administration, which was not my original intent for my designation, but I have found that being goal oriented and completing those goals helps show initiative towards personal and professional accomplishment. This reflects onto younger, newer members of my department whom wish to broaden their knowledge and skills in this profession."

Lieutenant Anthony Gianantonio, Palm Bay Fire Rescue, Palm Bay, FL