Applicant Agencies are steadily working towards accreditation.

If your agency is ready to become an applicant agency, go here for more information and the forms you need to prepare and submit. Applicant Agency status is valid for 18 months (24 months for volunteer agencies).

Below is the current list of Applicant and Candidate agencies. In addition to the agency name, you will find the agency type (career, combination, volunteer, Department of Defense (DoD), or private), population served, and the city and state/province in which they are headquartered.  Learn More or Contact CPSE

There are 21 Applicant Agencies and 12 Candidate Agencies.

The following agencies have these ISO ratings

ISO Applicant Candidate
1 5 1
2 9 3
3 2 4
4 1 0
5 0 0

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Applicant Agencies

Mobile Fire Rescue DepartmentCareer1870001MobileALUnited States
Lexington Fire DepartmentCareer3222001LexingtonKYUnited States
City of Hickory Fire DepartmentCareer434901HickoryNCUnited States
Las Vegas Fire & RescueCareer6446441Las VegasNVUnited States
Foxborough Fire & RescueCareer186181FoxboroughMAUnited States
Bloomfield Fire DepartmentCombination5300002BloomfieldNJUnited States
City of Milton Fire RescueCareer412962MiltonGAUnited States
Golder Ranch Fire DistrictCareer992382TucsonAZUnited States
Iona McGregor Fire Protection and Rescue Services DistrictCareer682942Fort MyersFLUnited States
Urbandale Fire DepartmentCombination424992UrbandaleIAUnited States
Peoria Fire DepartmentCareer1131502PeoriaILUnited States
Dearborn Fire DepartmentCareer1016362DearbornMIUnited States
Renton Regional Fire AuthorityCareer1350292RentonWAUnited States
Owensboro Fire DepartmentCareer603442OwensboroKYUnited States
Perrysburg Fire DivisionCombination250413PerrysburgOHUnited States
Bernalillo County Fire DepartmentCareer1522443AlbuquerqueNMUnited States
North Metro Fire Rescue DistrictCareer1200004BroomfieldCOUnited States
Joint Region Marianas Guam, Fire & Emergency ServicesDoD10000FPOAPUnited States
NAS Jacksonville Fire DepartmentDoD22326JacksonvilleFLUnited States
Commander, Fleet Activities YokosukaDoD25000FPOAPJapan
Niagara-on-the-Lake Fire & Emergency ServicesVolunteer17511VirgilONCanada

Candidate Agencies

Beavercreek Township Fire DepartmentCareer550003Beavercreek TownshipOHUnited States
Snohomish Regional Fire & RescueCareer1750683MonroeWAUnited States
Boulder City Fire DepartmentCareer148803Boulder CityNVUnited States
NSA Bahrain Fire and Emergency ServicesDoD8500FPOAEBahrain
Kadena Fire & Emergency ServicesDoD24000APOAPUnited States
Gulfport Fire DepartmentCareer71676GulfportMSUnited States
Denton Fire DepartmentCareer1470002DentonTXUnited States
City of Suffolk Department of Fire & RescueCareer955073SuffolkVAUnited States
Cherokee County Fire & Emergency ServicesCombination2746152CantonGAUnited States
Village of Buffalo Grove Fire DepartmentCareer410002Buffalo GroveILUnited States
Georgetown Fire DepartmentCareer98000GeorgetownTXUnited States
Albuquerque Fire RescueCareer5580001AlbuquerqueNMUnited States