Applicant Agencies are steadily working towards accreditation.

If your agency is ready to become an applicant agency, go here for more information and the forms you need to prepare and submit. Applicant Agency status is valid for 18 months (24 months for volunteer agencies).

Below is the current list of Applicant and Candidate agencies. In addition to the agency name, you will find the agency type (career, combination, volunteer, Department of Defense (DoD), or private), population served, and the city and state/province in which they are headquartered.  Learn More or Contact CPSE

There are 26 Applicant Agencies and 13 Candidate Agencies.

The following agencies have these ISO ratings

ISO Applicant Candidate
1 2 4
2 7 4
3 4 2
4 0 0
5 0 0

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Applicant Agencies

OrganizationTypePopulation ServedISOCityStateCountry
Grand Junction Fire DepartmentCareer89,0002Grand JunctionCOUnited States
NAS Kingsville Fire and Emergency ServicesDoD2,351KingsvilleTXUnited States
NAS Jacksonville Fire DepartmentDoD22,326JacksonvilleFLUnited States
Robins Air Force Base Fire & Emergency ServicesDoD21,000Robins AFBGAUnited States
Villages Public Safety DepartmentCareer126,6832The VillagesFLUnited States
Cherokee County Fire & Emergency ServicesCombination247,5732CantonGAUnited States
Village of Hanover Park Fire DepartmentCareer37,9732Hanover ParkILUnited States
Kingston Fire & RescueCombination123,795KingstonONCanada
Menlo Park Fire Protection DistrictCareer100,0002Menlo ParkCAUnited States
MCAS Iwakuni Fire & Emergency ServicesDoD15,000FPOAPJapan
Snohomish Regional Fire & RescueCareer175,0683MonroeWAUnited States
Grand Valley Fire Protection DistrictCombination5,5903ParachuteCOUnited States
Gulfport Fire DepartmentCareer71,676GulfportMSUnited States
Liberty Township Fire DepartmentCareer39,5003PowellOHUnited States
NSA Bahrain Fire and Emergency ServicesDoD8,500FPOAEBahrain
Beavercreek Township Fire DepartmentCareer55,0003Beavercreek TownshipOHUnited States
Montgomery (AL) Fire/RescueCareer198,5251MontgomeryALUnited States
Wright-Patterson AFB Fire Emergency ServicesDoD31,000DaytonOHUnited States
Saudi Aramco Fire Protection DepartmentCareer70,000DhahranSaudi Arabia
District of North Vancouver Fire & Rescue ServicesCareer85,935North VancouverBCCanada
Peoria Fire DepartmentCareer115,0002PeoriaILUnited States
Commander, Fleet Activities YokosukaDoD40,000FPOAPJapan
Las Vegas Fire & RescueCareer644,6441Las VegasNVUnited States
Denton Fire DepartmentCareer147,0002DentonTXUnited States
Kadena Fire & Emergency ServicesDoD24,000APOAPUnited States
NAS Fort Worth JRB Fire and Emergency ServicesDoD50,000Fort WorthTXUnited States

Candidate Agencies

OrganizationTypePopulation ServedISOCityStateCountry
Navy Region Mid-Atlantic F&ES, NSA MechanicsburgDoD4,300MechanicsburgPAUnited States
Hutchinson Fire DepartmentCareer48,2921HutchinsonKSUnited States
Dubuque Fire DepartmentCareer58,4102DubuqueIAUnited States
Bakersfield Fire DepartmentCareer385,0002BakersfieldCAUnited States
Garner Fire-RescueCombination64,7462GarnerNCUnited States
Murfreesboro Fire Rescue DepartmentCareer138,0001MurfreesboroTNUnited States
New Bern Fire RescueCombination30,2103New BernNCUnited States
Navy Region Mid-Atlantic F&ES, NWS EarleDoD1,750Colts NeckNJUnited States
Beverly Hills Fire DepartmentCareer34,4841Beverly HillsCAUnited States
Naval Station Rota, Spain, Fire and Emergency ServicesDoD3,300FPOAESpain
Addison Fire Protection DistrictCareer39,2942AddisonILUnited States
Valley Regional Fire AuthorityCareer91,0003AuburnWAUnited States
Hoover Fire DepartmentCareer90,0001HooverALUnited States