To mark our 25th Anniversary, we created a set of videos highlighting those diverse and dedicated individuals that make up the CPSE community.
Please enjoy this video series The Faces of CPSE.

CPC Formation

A conversation with Chiefs Rick Marinucci and Rick Mason about the early days of forming the Commission on Professional Credentialing.

Motorola Meeting

A conversation with Chiefs Cliff Jones, Rick Fagan and Mark Puknaitis about a formative meeting held at Motorola Solutions.

CPSE’s Future

A conversation with Chiefs Norris Croom, Brian Goss and Josh Waldo about the future of CPSE.

CFAI Growth

A conversation with Chief Randy Bruegman and Accreditation Manager Dawn Dixon about how CFAI grew over the years.


A conversation with Chiefs Ricky Brockman, Javier Blanco and Carey Waddell about the partnership between CPSE and DOD.

CPC Growth

A conversation with CPSE COO Debbie Sobotka and Chiefs Harpring and Stone about how CPC grew over the years

Current Governance

A conversation with Chiefs Reggie Freeman, Steve Dirksen and Greg Rogers about the current governance of CPSE.

CFAI Formation

A conversation with Chief Ron Coleman and Accreditation Manager Norma Valdez about the early days of CFAI.

CPSE Growth

A conversation with Chiefs Allan Cain and Cindy Bonham about how CPSE grew from its early days to today.