We will be using Slido at the 2022 Excellence Conference. This is an interactive tool that allows attendees to submit questions during the presentation via their phone or tablet. The following is a short compilation of information and resources, but you can find more at Slido or on their YouTube channel.

The process works like this:

  • At the beginning of the presentation, the presenter will ask everyone to go to slido.com and enter the event code for their presentation (this will be different for all of the presentations)
  • Participants can then submit questions during the presentation via Slido
  • The person who is the Slido manager for the event will see the questions coming in on his/her screen and approve the questions to be displayed.
  • Participants can also vote for questions that have been already submitted instead of asking the same question again.
  • The Slido Manager will then ask the questions he/she thinks are most relevant to the Speaker to be answered.

How Slido Works (1:37)

How to introduce Slido to your audience (0:39)

How to display Slido at your event (0:39)

How to manage questions (1:27)

How do I use slido as a speaker? (2:45)

8 tips to facilitate a great Q&A session with Slido

How to create your first Slido event (6:07)