Leading the fire and emergency service to excellence

Advance Your Career

CPC credentialing recognizes and rewards your career excellence, allowing you to progress further.

Enhance Your Leadership – Stand out in hiring and promotion processes as a candidate with superior skills, knowledge, and leadership capabilities.

Embrace Lifelong Learning – Commit to continuous learning, skill development, and community service, demonstrating your dedication.

Promote Professionalism – Credentialing fosters a sense of professionalism for individual officers and your agency.

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Enhance Agency Effectiveness

CFAI accreditation opens the pathway to self-assessment and enhanced community alignment.

Achieve, Sustain, and Thrive – Identify your agency’s strengths and weaknesses and begin a journey of continuous quality improvement, strengthened labor relations, and data-driven decision-making.

Chart Your Path to Success – Establish a clear improvement plan based on data and effectively communicate your agency’s mission and leadership philosophies.

Achieve Excellence – Explore 11 comprehensive categories covering governance, resources, safety, and community focus with CFAI’s holistic accreditation model.

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Get the Education and Resources You Need

Learn from the experts in the field, as CPSE’s instructor-led workshops are led by experienced professionals, a must for prospective peer assessors and agency accreditation managers.

Workshops and Training – CPSE offers instructor-led workshops like “Quality Improvement for the Fire and Emergency Services,” providing essential steps for agency accreditation.

Fill gaps in your proficiency with comprehensive learning – Identify the six crucial building blocks of accreditation, from conducting a Community Risk Assessment to developing a Strategic Plan through CPSE’s training.

Resource Library – Begin Your Journey Access a wealth of resources at CPSE University Resource Library, from guidance documents to on-demand videos, to kickstart your path to accreditation and/or credentialing.

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