This course features three full days of instruction to help agencies prepare for accreditation under the 10th edition of the CFAI® model. It covers the development of the three key documents, the Community Risk Assessment/Standards of Cover, Strategic Plan, and Self-Assessment Manual.


  • The Quality Improvement for the Fire and Emergency Services Publication & student workbook
  • 24 hours of instruction from experienced accreditation instructors
  • In-class exercises to reinforce key points of instruction
  • Introduction to online resources that will support your department’s accreditation efforts
  • Multiple opportunities to engage and network with your peers


  • The steps in the self-assessment process, from building a team to becoming an accredited agency
  • The key elements of the accreditation process:
    • Creating planning zones for your response area
    • Establishing a risk assessment process
    • Applying the risk assessment process to your response area
    • Developing a critical tasking process
    • Determine needed resources for fire and non-fire risks
    • Assess current deployment practices and establish target performance goals
    • Develop response performance data
    • Key elements of a Strategic Plan
    • How to create a self-assessment manual

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