The recipient of the 2024 Randy R. Bruegman Agency Innovation Award is the Spokane Valley Fire Department (SVFD) which successfully executed two innovative fire levy campaigns within six months, using data analytics and community engagement to secure crucial funding. Leveraging geographic and demographic data, SVFD strategically focused on neighborhoods with the highest service usage and employed a multi-channel social media campaign, including infographics, videos, and town hall meetings, to inform and engage the community. The introduction of a “levy calculator” provided transparency on the personal impact of a “yes” vote on residents’ taxes, fostering accountability. The outcomes included successful passage of the levy, enhanced community support, maintained response times, upgraded equipment and training, increased transparency, and improved safety awareness, aligning with SVFD’s strategic goals. The design, development, and implementation involved a well-structured process, with collaboration across departments, a dedicated campaign team, technology integration, and transparent communication. To replicate the innovation, agencies are advised to focus on needs assessment, goal setting, stakeholder engagement, strategic planning, technology integration, communication materials, community engagement, transparency measures, collaborations, and voting drives, as outlined by SVFD’s comprehensive strategy.