The recipient of the 2024 Ray Picard Award is Station Chief Christopher Swift, FO, Joint Base Charleston Fire & Emergency Services, South Carolina. Chief Swift demonstrates a strong commitment to the Accreditation process. As the agency’s Accreditation Manager, and a CFAI Peer Assessor, he regularly trains personnel from within his own department as well as other departments to help them obtain accredited status. He regularly goes above and beyond his duties, being the “first to work and the last to leave,” according to his nomination package, leading by example and focusing on encouraging others to challenge themselves. He is constantly seeking innovation and improvement within his department and mentors others in their path towards Credentialing. He also works closely with neighboring agencies in an effort to improve safety for the community. Such an example was that he was able to develop a mutual aid response package with other departments that has resulted in closer working relationships and the tangible outcome of multiple life and property saves.

Congratulations, Chief Swift!