In 2022, CPSE and the Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association partnered to develop a series highlighting proven practices of Metro departments accredited by CPSE’s Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI). Given their size, metro departments face unique challenges. Meanwhile, CFAI-accredited departments are focused on continuous improvement and, therefore, develop innovative programs that can serve as an example for the broader fire and emergency service. This allowed for both organizations to come together for this unique collaboration.

During the May 2024 Metro Fire Chiefs Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma, CPSE announced the release of the second set of case studies focusing on Behavioral Health, Community Risk Reduction, and Wildland Urban Interface. In 2023, CPSE released the first set of case studies focusing on a Culture of Cooperation, Use of Data, and Pre-Fire Planning. All case studies are now available for the entire fire and emergency services as one of CPSE University’s Resource Libraries.


During the 2024 conference, CPSE’s Chief Operating Officer Debbie Sobotka moderated a panel with chiefs from two of the department’s included in the Proven Practices series. Chief Bill Johnson discussed the Cobb County (GA) Fire & Emergency Services Safety Village, and Chief Steve Dongworth, CFO, highlighted Calgary Fire Department’s (Alberta, Canada) Community Risk Index.

CPSE and Metro Chiefs have committed to continuing the project with future releases of case studies on new topics.