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CPSE DEI Journey

As part of CPSE’s current strategic plan, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) was identified as a key area of focus.

DEI Journey Timeline

Date Action
December 2020 DEI selected as 1 of 6 areas of focus for new strategic plan
March 2021 Engaged Achieve More, LLC as consultant to guide CPSE on DEI journey
April 2021 DEI success narrative developed
May 2021 Formed DEI action team comprising CPSE board member, CFAI and CPC commissioner, technical advisor, consortium coordinator, peer reviewer, peer assessor, and CPSE staff
June 2021 Held DEI action team kickoff meeting
July 2021 Held listening sessions with DEI action team members
September 2021 Held listening sessions with CPSE staff
September 2021 Surveyed CPSE board and commissioners
October 2021 Surveyed CPSE agencies and officers
October 2021 DEI action team developed 17 recommendations
December 2021 CPSE Board approved 17 recommendations
December 2021 CPSE Board, commission leadership, and senior staff begin developing DEI values and principles and framework for inclusive dialogue
January 2022 CPSE Board, commission leadership, and senior staff receive DEI competency training
March 2022 Draft DEI values and principles and framework for inclusive dialogue shared during CPSE Excellence Conference
April 2022 CPSE community input sought on draft DEI values and principles and framework for inclusive dialogue via survey and listening sessions

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DEI Success Narrative

Integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) throughout CPSE’s governance, operations, and programs leading to a sustainable culture of enhanced DEI within CPSE and the greater fire and emergency service.

DEI Action Team Recommendations


  • Outline DEI principles and values.
  • Develop rights and responsibilities of inclusive dialogue with CPSE.


  • Using a DEI lens, examine, identify, and modify CPSE policies and procedures that are serving as barriers to providing equitable access.
  • Infuse DEI practices into accreditation and credentialing models.

Elevate People

  • Identify and engage DEI champions active within CPSE.
  • Enhance the diversity demographics of and grow representation among all that conduct work on behalf of CPSE.
  • Enhance the DEI competency of all that conduct work on behalf of CPSE.
  • Enhance the diversity demographics of and grow representation among all CPSE governance members.
  • Enhance the DEI competency of all CPSE governance members.


  • Collect and share DEI best practices of CPSE partners, agencies, and officers.
  • Develop and provide DEI education for all fire service personnel.
  • Research the quality practice management element that DEI serves.
  • Promote equitable service delivery.


  • Convene national organizations to partner, amplify, and emulate existing DEI efforts and initiatives rather than recreating them.
  • Determine how to best integrate DEI into Labor-Management discussions working with existing partners in this space.
  • Explore new DEI-focused collaborations and partnerships.


  • Expand outreach and engagement to underrepresented groups.

DEI Values Statement

CPSE embraces the many dimensions of diversity and is committed to the identities represented within the fire and emergency service. We promote and support authenticity for colleagues to feel welcome, inspired, and comfortable. CPSE is committed to advancing accessibility, geographic, and demographic representation throughout the profession and promoting equitable opportunities by career track, rank, and education within the fire and emergency service. We are committed to preserving equity in the credentialing and accreditation processes while creating new pathways for access. We will create inclusive environments, model transparency, stand against bias and discrimination, while growing a culture of respect, belonging, and psychological safety.

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DEI Principles

CPSE commitment promotes the advancement of these key principles for diversity, equity, and inclusion.


We believe diversity is an integral experience that includes diverse expertise, experiences, and perspectives. This is expressed in many forms, including, and not limited to culture, career, race and ethnicity, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, language, region, national origin, religion, age, disability, political perspective, and veteran status. We strive for ongoing education, learning, and self-awareness.


Access to CPSE programs and resources to advance in a fire and emergency services career are achievable. We are dedicated to working actively to remove any bias while mitigating barriers to access. We acknowledge that inequity exists and commit to challenge the power imbalances and engage in ongoing conversations that explore solutions to removing such barriers through our governance, programs, and operations. We intend to utilize reliable data and information to impact our decisions.


We aim to create an environment where people feel connected and valued for sharing all of their experiences. Allowing for connections that are individually, regionally, nationally, and internationally supported and enhancing the involvement of those underrepresented across the profession is essential.

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Framework for Inclusive Dialogue