CPSE offers a variety of instructor-led, virtual, and online training and resources that provide fire and emergency service professionals tools for continuous improvement as well as practical information on getting your agency accredited or yourself credentialed.

Visit the CPSE University Resources center and access guidance documents, handouts, and on-demand videos that will get you started on your journey through accreditation and/or credentialing.

In addition, the annual Excellence Conference brings together over 500 professionals from across the globe for a three-day conference to advance agency accreditation, promote professional credentialing, and encourage leadership, and spark innovation.

Highlighted below are some of our current instructor-led offerings:

Quality Improvement for the Fire and Emergency Services

The three-day Quality Improvement for the Fire and Emergency Services workshop provides the basic concepts and steps for agency accreditation. (Required for prospective peer assessors and agency accreditation managers)

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the steps involved in the self-assessment process, from building a team to becoming an accredited agency.
  • Identify the six building blocks of the accreditation process:
    • Conducting a Community Risk Assessment
    • Creating Program Goals and Objectives
    • Developing a Standards of Cover
    • Identifying and Documenting Performance Gaps
    • Developing a Strategic Plan
    • Conducting a Self-Assessment
  • Understand the 10th edition of the self-assessment model
  • Identify tools and support for agencies

CFAI Peer Assessment

The CFAI Peer Assessment workshop includes pre-recorded videos, two live webinars, interactive Q&A, homework assignments, and a final exam. It familiarizes students with the logistics of a site visit as well as expectations of peer assessment when are assigned to a team. Led by experienced peer assessors, this course provides the foundation for participating as a peer assessor on accreditation site visits. (Required for prospective peer assessors and agency accreditation managers. Prerequisite Course: The Quality Improvement for the Fire and Emergency Services workshop.)

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