What is the Technical Advisor Program?

Some agencies find they need a gentle nudge as they work through their accreditation process. To meet this need, CPSE established the Technical Advisor Program (TAP). Led by experienced accreditation peer assessors, TAP can provide your agency expert guidance and coaching as you develop the required accreditation documents.

We believe if you “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Rather than doing the work for you, TAP becomes part of your accreditation team, and will provide your agency the tools to internalize continuous quality improvement and achieve excellence.

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Types of Facilitation

Listed below you’ll find our primary types of facilitation. Your agency can contract with us for one, all, or a combination.


We can assist your agency in gathering input from community stakeholders and developing a five-year strategic plan. This process typically takes 60 to 90 days and includes:

  • Meeting(s) with external stakeholders to gather feedback on community expectations, concerns, and priorities.
  • A three-day work session with your agency’s internal stakeholders to integrate community feedback into your mission, vision, and values.
  • A professionally-prepared document encompassing strategic initiatives, goals, objectives, critical tasks, and performance measures.


We use a risk-based evaluation to help your agency determine whether fire station location/distribution, quality of forces, and fire rescue concentration are effective in your community. This process typically takes six to eight months and includes:

  • Four days of instruction on conducting a community risk assessment and developing standards of cover.
  • Coaching in document design layout.
  • Instruction in data analysis and the use of geographic information system mapping tools.
  • On-going coaching through a shared website and web-based meetings.
  • A professional-prepared Community Risk Assessment and Standard of Cover document ready for accreditation submittal


We can help your agency write quality, detailed, documents for each of the CFAI model categories. The process typically takes six months and includes:

  • Customized writing instruction for all your agency writers and complete orientation to the CFAI model and process
  • A critical review of your agency’s writing through a shared website and web-based meetings.


During this type of facilitation, we work with your agency as you develop all the required accreditation documents and prepare for an onsite assessment by CFAI. This process typically takes 14 to 18 months, includes every aspect of the Community-Driven Strategic Plan, Community Risk Assessment and Standards of Cover, and Self-Assessment Document Facilitation Projects.


We can assist your agency in developing innovative solutions to your unique challenges. This process typically takes 45 days and includes:

  • A web training for your team on design thinking and innovation
  • A one-day session with your team to facilitate stakeholder mapping, problem definition, idea generation and selection, and activity planning
  • A professionally prepared document presented to leadership which encompasses the facilitated innovation process, the proposed solution, and tips for implementation presented

The CPSE Difference

As a part of the Center for Public Safety Excellence, TAP places great importance on thorough preparation for each project including:

  • A clear understanding of your agency’s background, goals, and objectives, and the complex issues you are facing,
  • A work plan that is comprehensive, well-designed, and provides ample opportunity for stakeholder input, and
  • Sufficient resources and a commitment to successfully complete the project within the desired time frame at a reasonable cost.

We use contemporary methods and enlist energetic and positive individuals to help facilitate your agency’s work. Our advisors personalize their approach and garner candid feedback from stakeholders while putting stakeholders at ease.

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